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The Sender, a mountain biker that moves from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It is a switch or a button in the brain that clicks on, while we are fearlessly descending down rugged trails and breathtaking terrains. It is that moment, when fear turns into fuel, and you enter into the flow state to become one with your bike and the trail. Features and obstacles become a playground of stoke and mental satisfaction. So tune into your inner Sender today and start your day off the right way.

Introducing The Sender Coffee A single origin Guatemala Green coffee beans aged. Through the 30-day aging process, the green coffee beans absorb the distinctive flavors and character of the bourbon whisky, infusing them with its rich and complex flavors. The beans are then medium roasted to further enhance their inherent qualities. The result is a coffee that beautifully balances the natural flavors of the green beans with the deep, caramel undertones and oaky richness imparted by the bourbon whisky.

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