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About Us

Kapu Coffee is...
The Gathering of friends
Having a Cup of Coffee
Conquering Your Moment

The Start of KAPU Coffee the Company

I enjoy Mountain biking, exploring places and mountain peaks.  Going to places that are difficult to reach, it’s where not too many people will put the effort to go.  Conquering the journey, reaching the destination, enjoying that space, claiming it as mine for that moment of time, is our definition of “KAPU”. 

  Before a ride, I would drink energy drinks for a pre-ride pick-me-up but they contain unhealthy amounts of additives.  Then I started drinking coffee, iced Americanos with no sugar or creamer,  but that wasn’t easy to get all the time since it took an expresso machine to make.    I stumbled across a ready-to-drink Cold Brew Coffee. That's when I said this is perfect, it contains a lot of caffeine which got me going,  but on the other hand, it wasn’t so perfect! All of the cold brew coffee drink that was readily available was a little too “bold” for me.  So I went out and sampled different blends of coffee, experimenting with my own cold brew coffee with a mission to find something that was smoother, and lighter to drink.

The research resulted in a lighter ready-to-drink cold brew coffee that would provide a significant boost of energy.  

Going through the process of cold brewing coffee, I learned that it has lower acid levels, and it's less bitter than coffee that is brewed hot.  I started to bottle it so I could share it with my family and friends.  They seemed to like what I was doing so I decided to start selling and sharing it.

I first started selling a few bottles to friends and friends of friends. Then I decided to take it to the local farmers market.  This is where I was able to serve Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. This was a game-changer for me, as far as enjoying All Black Coffee.  Infusing Nitrogen into Cold Brew Coffee gave the coffee a creamy texture with a little sweetener added, But without adding cream or sugar.

Little History of "KAPU"

The Hawaiian word KAPU is usually translated to English as "forbidden", though it also carries the meanings of "keep out", "no trespassing", "sacred", "consecrated", or "holy".  The concept is related to taboo and the tapu or tabu found in other Polynesian cultures. 

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