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Bag Cold Brew Coffee Maker - Lokahi Blend

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Bag Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Enjoy Cold Brew Coffee without the mess!

Get more for less the price!  This will make a concentrate so it needs to be mixed 1 to 1 with water. 

This will make 4 to 5 10oz Cups of our Cold brew coffee. 

FLAVOR NOTES:  Smooth chocolate, toffee and floral tones


☕️✨ Unleash Your Inner Barista with DIY Cold Brew Coffee Bags – Quick, Easy, Mess-Free, and Simply Delicious! ✨☕️

Tired of the same old coffee routine? Elevate your caffeine experience with our Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee Bags – the ultimate solution for crafting the perfect cup of cold brew right at home, without the fuss!

🌬️ Smooth Perfection in Every Sip: Crafting your own cold brew has never been quicker or easier! Our DIY Cold Brew Coffee Bags ensure a silky-smooth, low-acid coffee that's rich in flavor. Say goodbye to bitterness and hello to the pure essence of your favorite beans.

💡 Why Choose DIY Cold Brew Coffee Bags?

  • Quick, Easy, Mess-Free Brewing: No complicated processes or messy cleanups! Our ready-to-use bags simplify the cold brew experience, making it accessible for all.
  • Freshness Unleashed: Seal in the freshness of your favorite coffee beans. Each bag is a ticket to a flavor journey like no other.
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: Tailor Your Taste: Adjust the brewing time to create a coffee that suits your personal preferences – from mild and mellow to bold and robust.

🛍️ What's Inside the Kit:

  • Premium Coffee Bags: Specially designed for cold brew perfection.
  • High-Quality Coffee Beans: A carefully selected blend for unparalleled taste.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Quick, easy, and mess-free guide for a foolproof brewing experience.

🌈 Create Your Own Coffee Oasis: Imagine waking up to a fridge stocked with your personalized cold brew creations. Our DIY Cold Brew Coffee Bags empower you to become the master of your coffee destiny – quick, easy, and without the mess!






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